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HRA partners closely with organization stakeholders to understand the big picture, map out a strategic direction and then develop plans for aligning human resources. Once we understand business goals and how human capital can best be aligned, we work with with our clients to design and develop state-of-the-art, yet deeply practical, human resource architecture, processes and systems.

Following are specific service areas we work in including: HR strategic planning, system design, job design, assessment programs, performance management, appraisal, 360-feedback, talent management, succession planning and workforce readiness.

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  • HR Strategic Planning. This includes: prioritizing human resource initiatives; developing short- and long-term business plans; clarifying the HR vision, identity and brand; and building cross-unit synergies, partnerships and alignment. Goals are to: assure HR is up to date, aligned with business goals and drives organizational success, identify and integrate the most critical initiatives with strategic and tactical action plans; and to clarify HR identity, roles and accountabilities.
  • System Design. Design and develop integrated on-line systems for talent management, performance management, succession planning. Goals include: providing employees with integrated portal, web-based tools and data base for all talent management activities; and developing a central data base to manage the company talent portfolio and performance in real time.
  • Job Design (New and Existing Jobs). Define job and cross-functional roles and responsibilities to accomplish key objectives. The primary goal is to redesign job roles and relationships to meet emerging business needs.
  • Assessment Programs. Develop valid and systematic programs to assess results and competencies needed for top performance. The primary goals are assessment programs for employee selection, placement, succession, performance management and development.
  • Performance Management/Appraisal and 360 Feedback. Develop performance appraisals, performance management, coaching, mentoring and 360-degree feedback programs. The primary goals are: to develop systematic processes for performance evaluation and development; and to provide vehicles for employees to provide each other with focused, constructive feedback.
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning. Develop procedures for assuring bench strength and optimizing talent movement. The goals are to assure mission-critical positions are filled with strong talent; redeploy underperformers and o optimize individual contribution and talent capability.
  • Workforce Readiness and Redeployment. Develop plans to consistently adapt a workforce to emerging conditions. The key goal is to provide proactive implementation of plans to adjust workforce size, deployment and capabilities.

HR Architecture


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