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HR Metrics and Organization Alignment Analytics™

We use our advanced expertise to conduct in-depth analysis of an organization's HR processes, talent and performance. HRA is focused on obtaining organization metrics and analytics that reveal current status and gaps with the utmost clarity. We are obsessed with obtaining data that yields the greatest insights, impacts and meaningfulness to stakeholders.

HRA uses rigorous,state-of-the-art analytics and metrics to best understand organization issues relative to key business goals. We partner extremely closely with clients to design approaches that are tailored to meet their needs.

HRA provides three different levels of service in HR Analytics (described below):

  1. Core HRA services for HR Alignment Analytics
  2. Efficient diagnostic tools using the Gap Analysis Tools and Alignment Inventories
  3. An HR Alignment Comprehensive Assessment

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HR Metrics and Analytics

Core HRA Analytic Services

Specific Analytic Services within HRA Metrics and Analytics are listed below.

  • HR Alignment Inventory. A unique and innovative process to assess alignment of business objectives and the entire range of capabilities within the HR ecosystem.
  • Organization Gap and Alignment Analytics. An intelligent software platform and process to assess and prioritize organization gaps and identify alignment opportunities. Gaps and alignment are identified relative to strategies, key initiatives, customers, the marketplace, the economic environment and other key factors.
  • Surveys. Develop, administer and administer electronic/online surveys. Surveys are highly tailored to organization needs and preferences in terms of design, administration, navigation (e.g., routing), and reporting. Goals have included all aspects of organization, talent and performance effectiveness. Surveys are often quickly deployed for just-in-time answers to emerging business issues.
  • Organization-Wide Alignment Audits. Thorough audit and review of HR policies and practices. Assess individual components and the holistic system relative to desired state and best practices. Produce detailed report of findings and clear recommendations for gap closure. Goals are to: 1) clarify organizational practices and gaps, 2) assess consistency in decentralized and/or highly distributed organizations, and 3) identify recommendations and build action plans to align HR with best demonstrated practices and desired state.
  • Job Analysis and Competency Modeling. Identifies job responsibilities, tasks, and employee attributes needed on different jobs to assure mission-critical goals. Competencies are used as a firm and consistent foundation for organization/job design, staffing, placement, appraisal, development, performance management, succession and compensation.
  • Culture Audits. Identifies current organization culture (norms, values, beliefs) and gaps. Goals are to change organization culture to support business goals (e.g., greater urgency, accountability and teamwork, customer service). This often involves transformational redefinition of organization context and practices.
  • Talent Audits and Bench Strength Analysis. Identifies and prioritize talent gaps for different jobs. Goals often include: 1) identification of mission-critical positions and other workforce areas with talent gaps; and 2) developing clear and measurable action plans for closing them.
  • Data-Driven Organizational Development. Conduct applied research for data-driven organization change and improvement using sophisticated HR analysis and metrics. Goals are to obtain empirical data to clarify HR issues and drive focused, systematic organization change.
  • Program Evaluation and Return-On-Investment Analysis. Evaluates how critical HR initiatives achieve organizational and/or business objectives. Goals are to identify what's working and what's not -- and associated costs/benefits. Make program improvements and shifts as needed.

HR Gap Analysis and Alignment Inventories (Efficient and Comprehensive Diagnostics)

The HR Alignment Inventories are online, intelligent inventories that are designed to assess gaps and alignment. In cases, where gaps are identified: the criticality of the gaps is measured, local issues are isolated and improvement opportunities are identified.

The tools were developed to be a rigorous and extensive diagnostic that can be administered to individuals or in a working session with HR and business employees.

HR Alignment Comprehensive Assessment (In-depth Diagnostics)

While the HR Alignment Inventory is a relatively efficient and expedient diagnostic, the HR Alignment Assessment is intended to be a deep-dive to assess the extent to which individual components of HR and employee capabilities are aligned with business objectives. The goals are to identify gaps and recommendations for closing the gaps to best align with business objectives. While the approach is tailored to different organizations needs and resources, general steps may HRA Alignment Assessment include steps such as the following:

  • Identification of Key Business Objectives. This step involves interviews with key stakeholders, HR and business leaders. Interviews are conducted one-on-one or in facilitated group sessions.
  • Conduct HR Practice Audits. A survey is administered to assess wide-spread familiarity and usage of different HR practices, policies and procedures.
  • Conduct On-Line Surveys. This involves on-line surveys with a representative sample of employees to assess their perceptions of gaps and the alignment of current state HR capabilities and resources with key business objectives.
  • Conduct On-Site Visits. This involves observations, focus groups and interviews with employees in key positions.
  • Perform Data Triangulation. Data from each of the first four steps is rigorously analyzed. Data is then triangulated to produce a detailed alignment report.
  • Report Assessment Findings. A report is generated that contains a scorecard covering all key HR Practice Areas and associated: 1) HR alignment/gap ratings, 2) key HR alignment findings, and 3) HR alignment recommendations. Findings and recommendations are summarized in a high-level storyboard. All findings and recommendations are clearly linked to key business objectives.
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