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HRA Mission Critical Executive Assessment (MCX Process™)

Executive Assessments and MeasurementWhile most of our executive assessments are characteristically in-depth, our Mission Critical Executive Assessment (MCX Process) is particularly designed for Mission Critical positions. In the case of these positions, our belief is that the deepest of assessments is fully warranted in accordance with rigorous leadership governance responsibilities.

The Business Case

Organizations spend a great deal of effort evaluating capital investments in general. Just as an organization would not make a buying decision for a multi-million dollar capital equipment investment in a few hours, we do not believe a decision about human capital that will make or break a mission critical function of the same value should be made in a relatively short assessment interview. It is our belief, that a brief executive assessment is a recipe for assessor subjectivity and extrapolation that compromises predictive accuracy and puts an organization at great risk.

Thus, the business case is simple. We believe a mission critical executive assessment for recruiting which is already costing an organization a great deal of time and money (i.e., recruiting time and costs, etc.) and will one way or another have dramatic consequences, should be backed by an investment that is at least somewhat on par with capital equipment.

The Process

As with other HRA work, we are prepared to fully tailor our rigorous process to best reflect each organization's needs.
That said, key components that we typically recommend include the following:

  • Stakeholder interviews with board members and/or others
  • In-depth analysis of position requirements relative to strategic goals, key initiatives and major challenges
  • Six- to eight-hour one-on-one meeting with the candidate including assessment exercises and interview
  • Approximately two to three rigorous online assessments
  • HRA Living Case including a panel of stakeholder leaders
  • 360-degree feedback interviews and/or reference checks when available
  • Highly in-depth, intensive report
Collaboration and Creativity Corner

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