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Measurement Driven Culture Change™

One of the earliest books on organizational culture indicated that dealing with it was like getting your arms around a cloud (Deal and Kenney; 1982). Since then, managers throughout business have come to acutely recognize the presence and impacts of organization culture which are pivotal in determining organization success and are very alert to the need for change.

The HRA approach to change focuses on culture measurement and assessment as a critical tool for organizations to "take culture out of the cloud." On the front-end, assessment provides organization stakeholders the means to "look into the mirror" to clarify current culture, alignment gaps and unintended consequences. At the back-end, follow-up assessments are conducted to provide clear and unambiguous targets for employees to aim for and accountability for change. A key premise for much of our approach is: "what gets measured gets done."

The key objective in the process is to conduct a a deep-dive assessment and drive alignment of organization culture and human resource practices in reference to key business goals. The HRA approach to Culture and HR Alignment involves a process tailored to each organization. The process may include HR practice audits, on-site visits, online surveys and or focus groups.

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