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HRA Recent Work

Following are examples of recent work we have done in the areas of executive assessment, executive coaching, HR architecture andHR metrics.  In all cases we have employed rigorous human resource analytics as a foundation for our work.    We have partnered closely with clients to tailor and produce a variety of state-of-the-art talent management systems and processes   In the areas of executive assessment and coaching we have conducted extremely in-depth, highly personalized discovery processes and have optimized the results for rich employee understanding and professional development.

Executive Assessment, Development and Coaching

  • Conducted in-depth executive assessments to clarify leader-fit with unique position requirements.
  • Conducted executive coaching to more fully leverage leader strengths in high potential leaders.
  • Conducted executive coaching to turn around counter-productive behaviors.
  • Developed and oversee corporate executive coaching program to identify coach matches and monitor progress..
  • Conducted phone-based 360-degree feedback interviews to surface and connect multiple perspectives.
  • Facilitated 360-degree feedbacks to assure employee understanding and integration.
  • Developed program to assess, triangulate and profile leadership skills for selection, promotion and development.
  • Designed and developed strategic talent management and succession planning process for top 200 leaders.
  • Designed and oversaw administration of an assessment center for over 250 high-profile leaders.
  • Upgraded process and tools for high potential leadership development program.
  • Developed mini-360 surveys to assess development action plan implementation and progress.
  • Developed and conducted training for internal coaches and 360-feedback facilitators.

HR Architecture, Process Development and Support

  • Developed leadership development guide with real-time learning guidelines, tips for development and readings tailored to a company's competency model.
  • Developed HR Strategic blueprints to drive vertical integration and accountability across different HR functions.
  • Designed and developed comprehensive, state-of-the-art, web-based system for performance management, talent management and succession planning.  Most comprehensive and seamlessly integrated system we are aware of.
  • Developed RFP and comprehensive vendor screening process for cutting-edge enterprise-wide survey process.
  • Developed robust, competency models and performance standards to delineate strong and weak leadership behaviors.
  • Conducted in-depth job analyses and developed comprehensive executive profiles for C-Level roles.
  • Developed and validated web-based employee selection tests for predicting success in key high volume positions.
  • Developed RFP and vendor selection process for on-line employment testing and applicant tracking system.
  • Developed process for HR organization to systematically build HR strategy

HR Analytics and Metrics

  • Developed and implemented a leadership alignment process which assesses and promotes systemic thinking and cross-functional teamwork among top leadership.
  • Conducted extensive organization audit and assessment focused on organization culture, screening and staffing, performance management, talent management, training, leadership development, compensation, rewards and recognition.
  • Designed balanced scorecard metrics associated with key initiatives and strategies.
  • Conducted training needs analysis survey and audit to determine HR development needs and priorities.
  • Developed and conducted online organization surveys to assess culture change and learning
  • Developed international survey to research every day creativity and innovation drivers and impacts.
Collaboration and Creativity Corner

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