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Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive coaching has become a common leadership development technique, replacing management training that was more commonplace in the past. Key advantages over management training for leadership development are that: 1) executive coaching corresponds with how adults learn (i.e., not classroom style); 2) executive coaching is fully integrated within the context of a participant's current challenges and in achieving actual business goals; 3) executive coaching is scheduled in accordance with business needs as opposed to requiring large chunks of time off the job; and 4) executive coaching is real-time without referencing remote and hypothetical scenarios.

Many people wonder whether executive coaching works for true leadership development -- can people change? At HRA we believe executive coaching works to the extent that participants engage. Evidence for real behavioral change can be seen in all aspects of our lives, where people are able to change everything from highly addictive smoking habits to how they treat and respond to others.

HRA has achieved a great deal of success with executive coaching and leadership development in a variety of business settings and circumstances. On one extreme we have worked with highly effective leaders to ratchet up strong performance. We have also had substantial success working with others to turn around counterproductive behaviors. Key characteristics, roles and goals of HRA executive coaching and leadership development are provided below.

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Executive Coaching

Key Characteristics of HRA Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Joint focus on the individual and organization. We assure a joint and equal focus on strong business impacts and professional development aligned with an individual's best interests.
  • Self-discovery process. In this regard we work very closely with clients in a highly collaborative process where the client takes central responsibility and we serve in a facilitative and supportive role to help him/her accomplish goals.
  • Tight balance between providing ample support and "hard-hitting" feedback. On one level we do whatever we can to "hold up the mirror" and provide our clients with open and straightforward feedback. This is always accompanied with a highly supportive and dedicated commitment to the client through executive coaching.
  • Balance between insight and action. We focus on both understanding and behavioral change. This includes developing deep insights and understandings of issues such as drivers and unintended consequences of behaviors. In addition to understanding, our executive coaching is highly deliberate on getting clients to focus on specific behavioral change.

HRA Executive Coach Roles

The executive coaching process is highly systematic but is also always tailored and customized to different circumstances and the individuals involved. Our executive coaching roles and key characteristics of each are as follows:

  • Listener. Actively listen on multiple levels; provide a sounding board to rehearse/refine and test assumptions.

  • Questioner. Surface "hidden" issues; reconsider alternatives; challenge, reframe, peel onion and follow hunches.
  • Feedback provider. Provide supportive, yet straight-forward feedback; guide to answers; disengage filtering and denial.
  • Action planning facilitation. Focus on clear plans and goals; identify development tools and support mechanisms.
  • Monitor/motivator. Track progress; promote accountability; reinforce what's working and not; encourage consistency.
  • Collaborator. Help clients achieve potential, strongest talents and aspirations.

Goals of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Clarify Perspective. Understand and embrace feedback. Recognize different perspectives. Clarify other's assumptions. Identify gaps between own and other perspectives (blind spots).
  • Uncover Insights. Clarify true passions and aspirations. Identify barriers and challenges. Surface and transcend doubts. Cut through limiting beliefs. Clarify mental models. Reframe. Create more constructive ways for construing facts/relationships. Hold up leadership mirror. Connect dots.
  • Action Planning. Develop bold vision. Create strategic plans and tactics. Prioritize personal and business objectives.
  • Execute Change. Break behavioral and transactional cycles. Go outside comfort zones. Solicit support. Ask for help. Build critical knowledge and skills. Create commitment to continuous learning. Acculturation to provide feedback and coaching. Empower independence from coach. Walk the talk. Develop positive mental attitude. Create and sustain high performance. Assume accountability and ownership. Improve business results. Transform. "Be all you can be."
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